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The power of 8 state and regional ski area associations and their nearly 250 ski area members working together but buying independantly for better equipment, service and pricing

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In order to support our great suppliers, our offer pricing expire on April 15 - or the date specified by an individual supplier. After this date - ask you rep for help, but pricing may differ because our offers are based on helping suppliers order and schedule factory production for fall delivery.

Ski Area Rentals and Accessories Management Program

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Buy from these great SARA supplier companies that support member ski areas and the grow-the-sports programs of our regional and state associations. They participate in the program that rewards member areas with great products, great pricing, great service, and association support.


These Suppliers offer SARA Program buyers terrific GROUP PRICING

for products designed to meet our needs

The SARA Program is a cooperative regional associations' program with these participating associations:

Your ski area's state or regional association benefits, just as your ski area does, when you participate in this program. The associations use part of their funding to support the January Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month Promotion!

Individual ski areas (not part of one of the above associations) may also participate, please contact us for details at:

Plan to attend a rep show in your area. See the schedule at for details:

RENTAL AND ACCESSORY SUPPLIERS: we value your assistance and participation. Please read the information in the section links shown at the left. Thank you.

The Ski Area Rental and Accessories Program (SARA Program) was formed to help member ski areas:

  • Offer pricing to all buyers that is consistently as good a price as the biggest group rental buyers receive when they place fleet orders.
  • Support our regional and state associations efforts to grow the sport with additional funding and better rental products that help new skiers and riders have better experiences.

... and to help make working with ski area rental and accessory buyers easier for our suppliers!

Working with our suppliers, SARA-BP has successfully reduced the rental equipment durability issues significantly. The rental ski and snowboard equipment market offers much more durable equipment that has far fewer issues than when cap ski construction was first introduced along with shaped skis.

The Ski Area Rentals and Accessories Buying Program continues to monitor the durability of skis, snowboards, bindings, boots, helmets and ski poles through its Equipment Test Program. The equipment is placed in their rental shops and they try to rent it as frequently as possible. The rental equipment is tracked and monitored by the test rental shops in order to determine: Durability, Rental Efficiencies, and Customer Satisfaction.

If your ski area is a member of one of the regional ski area associations listed above, you need a password to log in to view offers from our suppliers. Please E-mail or call your regional association office, or E-mail and ask for your user name and password.

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