Information for Ski Area Members

The SARA Program is your regional associations' program managed by the Midwest Ski Areas Association, in cooperation with the Idaho Ski Areas Association, Pacific Northwest Ski Areas Association, Ski Areas of New York, the South East Ski Areas Association, the Pennsylvania Ski Areas Association, the Ski Maine Association and Ski New Hampshire. Your ski area's state or regional association benefits, just as your ski area does, when you participate in this program.

If your ski area is not located in a region served by one of the above listed associations, it may join SARA-BP independently. E-mail our office at and we'll send you information.

Ski Area members can log-in to the Special Member Offers using your username and password. Log-in here. If you don't know your username or password, please email your regional/state association or with your request.

The Ski Area Rental and Accessories Management Program (SARA Program) was formed to help member ski areas:

Obtain rental ski and snowboard equipment that is much more durable under rental conditions than the rental skis that began to be offered when shaped skis first came to market.

  1. Offer pricing to all buyers that is consistently as good a price as the biggest group rental buyers receive when they place fleet orders.
  2. Support our regional and state associations.

Working with our suppliers, SARA Program has successfully reduced the rental equipment durability issues significantly. The rental ski and snowboard equipment market offers much more durable equipment that has far fewer issues than when cap ski construction was first introduced along with shaped skis.

The Ski Area Rentals and Accessories Management Program continues to monitor the durability of skis, snowboards, bindings, boots and ski poles through its Equipment Test Program. Several ski areas accept current and/or new products to test. The equipment is placed in their rental shops and they try to rent it as frequently as possible.

The rental equipment is tracked and monitored by the test rental shops in order to determine:

Rental Equipment Test Reports:

A Rental Equipment Test Report is available in the password protected special Member Offers section. The report identifies the equipment tested and the problems and advantages observed during real life rental testing at the test facilities. Initially, all the skis and some snowboards failed the durability test - last year all submitted skis passed. We simply pass this information along to our members with information about its suitability as a rental product. Buyers make their own purchasing decisions. We continue to affect the design of rental ski and snowboard equipment through our close affiliations with suppliers. They know we speak for the ski area rental buyers throughout the industry - and they strive to make the changes we recommend.


Pricing issues have also evaporated since member ski areas are now able to review our specially prepared SARA Buyer's Information with negotiated pricing. This pricing is very competitive and is generally much better than ski areas can negotiate independently. Ski Area members are not required to purchase through SARA, but doing so generally saves you money, helps us help ski area rental shops get better equipment, and benefits your regional or state association.

Accessories were added to the offerings several years ago and product costs have again been generally reduced to member buyers. Accessory suppliers understand that our members have much more information available to them than many other buyers; and our members make their buys based on this information and the plan's combined purchasing power. We help suppliers suggest appropriate product mixes which members can use to have the right offerings for accessory sales at ski resorts.

Members of the participating state and regional ski areas associations are automatically members of the Ski Area Rental Equipment and Accessories Management Program. There are no additional membership fees to pay and very little additional paperwork.

SARA asks suppliers to include the Associations' fee in their members offering prices. This amount is rebated to the SARA-BP to cover the costs of operating the program. Revenues in excess of operating costs have been channeled into developing a comprehensive regional association Media Relations Program and into developing reserves for the parent association's future use. This fee is transparent to the buyers since all buyers get far better than ever pricing due to our volume purchasing power. The incremental association fee has been offset by the volume discounts offered by the suppliers; with a subsequent significant decrease in members' rental equipment and accessory purchasing costs.

Members of the SARA Program continue to place their orders through their local reps. There is no need for centralized buying or invoicing.