How To Buy Rental Equipment and Accessories Through The SARA Program

If you need more information, please E-mail SARA Management Program at

So, just how does this work?

The program pricing is confidential and you should not use the website password that we’ll send you unless you agree to maintain that confidentiality. Because the offers we get are generally a lot better than published pricing, we have agreed to maintain confidentiality. Please do not share pricing information with competing reps or other ski areas or shops.

If you plan a bigger buy and you want to compare equipment on your own slopes, let SARA Program know soon, so we can have suppliers ship you appropriate test equipment to help you decide what is right for you.

What if I just want to buy some demo gear or accessories and not a big fleet?  That’s OK. The advantage of SARA Program is that the program pricing is available for all orders – big or small. We make things more efficient for suppliers, they reward you. And because we’re an association program, not a private company, we work together.

How do I place orders using SARA-BP?   Place your orders just like you always have – contact your local reps, tell them you are a member of the SARA Program, and that you want to use the group pricing program. We’ll be sending you details on the specifics, but in the past this is all that was required.  There is just one catch – you need to place most orders by April 15 or the specific date posted by the supplier on his pricing information. This earlier buy date is very helpful to suppliers and they give us better offers as a result.

The participating suppliers list will be updated as we confirm agreements with supplier companies for the buying season. There has been a lot of change in distributors during the last few months and there are some new alliances developing, watch for the list to continue to change.

What if a rep offers me a better price than SARA Program?  It is unlikely, but possible that bigger buyers may be offered a one-shot deal to get the order. Take the offer – but share the information with SARA-BP; suppliers know that this new pricing will be made available to all program members and we’ll all benefit from your negotiations. Working together like this builds the program and makes us stronger and more competitive.

How does my regional association benefit when we buy through the SARA Program?        It’s like frequent flier points. The price is the same great group price, but your state or regional association is paid a fee from the suppliers to participate in the SARA Program. The fee is a percentage of sales through the program to each group’s member ski areas.

Buy through SARA-BP to grow your association’s programs and funding, to grow the sport … SARA Program is an association program, not a private company.