More Information for SARA Program Buyers:


New Rental Systems can make sense for many ski area rental shops - you can start with just the boots and add skis as needed.

The Snowsports Industries America (SIA) show is held in late January in Denver and the talk of the rental part of the show was the new rental systems.

As many rental buyers know, several years ago the HEAD ski people unveiled a new BYS rental system that included only three boot sole lengths, and skis with Tyrolia bindings mounted to match these boot sole lengths -  requiring no adjustment for boot sole lengths and allowing for a pre-set approach. Other suppliers are now following suit and the rental environment is changing quickly. Rossignol also has a great new system. Other suppliers do as well.

Traditionally there are a dozen or so boot sole lengths from each manufacturer, so each binding needs to be adjusted to the individual boot sole length being used. With different boot manufacturers there can be many different adjustments. The Head ski boots are color coded Black, Yellow, and Silver to match the same colors on the preset pre-mounted, pre-tested Tyrolia bindings. Ski areas that have used the system have found that it incredibly speeds rental transactions and reduces staffing by about 30 per cent. (More on this later).

With fewer boot sole lengths the ski area rental shops can sort their preset bindings by length and DIN number, so the rental technicians can just grab an appropriate length ski with sliver bindings already set to match silver ski boot sole length, and with the correct Din setting and off the customer goes. The process is similar for other manufacturers.

Even better news! 

These ski boots with fewer boot sole lengths can be used with your existing inventory of skis and bindings – just pre-set the bindings and color code them with a sticker to identify which boot they are set for. Arrange them by sticker color and DIN number and you have a fast pre-set system.

We don’t endorse any particular brands – you choose what works best for your ski area rental shop – but the concept of fewer ski boot sole lengths is very appealing when matched with coded pre-set bindings to create significant efficiencies. Many of the  Peak Resorts ski areas; Wachusette Mountain, MA; Cascade Mountain, WI; Devil’s Head Resort, WI; Chestnut Mountain Resort, IL; and others have begun seeing their rental lines drop to zero and their staffing reduced significantly.

Look at the math.

If a rental tech takes 2 minutes to use a screwdriver to adjust a binding for a customer and your shop sends 1000 rentals out the door - that is 2000 minutes or 33+ hours of staff time per day. But since it is concentrated in just the morning, you need even more staff to handle that significant rush. It’s easy see that change is good. And you can use skis and bindings from any manufacturer – just color code preset them for efficiency. (The unmovable Tyrolia bindings with the Head BYS System offer some advantage, but why not consider how you can staff next season with fewer rental techs and no customer lines?) Take a look at an on-snow show or at your local reps show.

Program Information -

The program pricing is confidential and you should not use the website password that we’ll send you unless you agree to maintain that confidentiality. Because the offers we get are generally a lot better than published pricing, we have agreed to maintain confidentiality. Please do not share pricing information with competing reps or other ski areas or shops.

If you plan a bigger buy and you want to compare equipment on your own slopes, let SARA-BP know soon, so we can have suppliers ship you appropriate test equipment to help you decide what is right for you.

What if I just want to buy some demo gear or accessories and not a big fleet?  That’s OK. The advantage of SARA-BP is that the program pricing is available for all orders – big or small. We make things more efficient for suppliers, they reward you. And because we’re an association program, not a private company, we work together.

How do I place orders using SARA?   Place your orders just like you always have – contact your local reps, tell them you are a member of the SARA-BP, and that you want to use the group pricing program. We’ll be sending you details on the specifics, but in the past this is all that was required.  There is just one catch – you need to place your orders by April 15, or the specific date posted by the supplier on his pricing information. This earlier buy date is very helpful to suppliers and they give us better offers as a result.

What if a rep offers me a better price than SARA?  It is unlikely, but possible that bigger buyers may be offered a one-shot deal to get the order. Take the offer – but share the information with SARA-BP; suppliers know that this new pricing will be made available to all program members and we’ll all benefit from your negotiations. Working together like this builds the program and makes us stronger and more competitive.

How does my regional association benefit when we buy through SARA?        It’s like frequent flier points. The price is the same great group price, but your state or regional association is paid a fee from the suppliers to participate in the SARA. The fee is a percentage of sales through the program to each group’s member ski areas.

Buy through SARA-BP to grow your association’s programs and funding, to grow the sport … SARA is an association program, not a private company.


For a first hand look at next year's products and a chance to talk to your reps, go to a regional rep show. Click this link for a list of regional rep shows. US Reps Association.