Information for Suppliers:



Almost 250 Ski Area Rental and Accessory Shops are now participating in the Ski Area Rentals and Accessories Management Program.

The Ski Area Rentals and Accessories Management Program (SARA Program) is a non-profit cooperative effort created by regional ski area associations.

Currently the participating associations include:

Among these groups and a few individual members, we have about 250 ski area members eligible to participate. A list of them is available.

Our goal is to help you help us! By working together we want to smooth out the buy-sell arrangements with our ski area rental and accessory shops. We are grateful for your continued support and we will work to help you increase your business among our member buyers.

We can help you reduce your cost of sales to ski area rental and accessory shops and help you pick-up new business when you participate in our activities—because we’ll bring your current rental and accessory offerings to the attention of our members and help them realize that they can buy the right gear for their needs at program pricing, while also supporting their own regional ski areas’ association activities.

Remember, we are a non-profit cooperative effort and our member ski areas support the concept and the specifics of our efforts.
SARA Program is managed by the Midwest Ski Areas Association for all the participating members. Call us any time to iron out issues and make the program a success for your company.

Tim Kohl 541-490-5061, or Chris at the SARA Program office 651-484-1818