Selling To Our Ski Area Members Through the SARA Program



Since 2001 the Ski Area Rentals and Accessories Management Program (SARA Program) has been operated by the Midwest Ski Areas Association for our ski area members and partner associations in order to facilitate the buying/selling process for all concerned. Now that we have outgrown the Midwest, we are working with other regional associations of ski areas to support their grow the sport programs, just as we have supported those by MSAA.

The Ski Area Rentals and Accessories Management Program (SARA Program) is a non-profit cooperative effort created by regional ski area associations. As of this time, the participating associations include:

•               Midwest Ski Areas Association

•               Idaho Ski Areas Association

•               Pacific Northwest Ski Areas Association

•               Pennsylvania Ski Areas Association

•               Ski Areas of New York

•               Ski Maine Association

•               Ski New Hampshire

•               Southeast Ski Areas Association

Among these groups we have nearly 250 ski area members eligible to participate. In addition, there are a few individual resorts that have chosen to join SARA-BP as individual members.

Our goal is to help you help us!

By working together we want to smooth out the buy-sell arrangements with our ski area rental and accessory shops. We are grateful for your interest and we will work to help you increase your business among our member buyers.

We can help you reduce your cost of sales to ski area rental and accessory shops and help you pick-up new business when you participate in our activities—because we’ll bring your current rental and accessory offerings to the attention of our members and help them realize that they can buy the right gear for their needs at program pricing, while also supporting their own regional ski areas association’s grow-the-sports activities. Remember, we are a non-profit cooperative effort and our member ski areas support the concept and the specifics of our efforts.

SARA-BP is managed by the Midwest Ski Areas Association for all the participating members. Call us any time to iron out issues and make the program a success for your company. Contacts: Tim Kohl 541-490-5061, or the SARA Program office at 651-484-1818

Our buyers are not like your retail shop buyers—because they only buy ski area rentals and accessories. They need specific information about your products that will work best in this environment.


WE NEED a page or two that tells our buyers about your specific offerings for each area: Alpine Rentals, Snowboard Rentals, Cross Country Rentals and Accessories. That’s a page or two on each one. Emailed to by February 10 for best results. We’ll pass these along to our members/buyers so that they can see what you offer and consider the benefits of your particular products in a way that they may not have done in the past.

We’ll test these products, if you put them into the test program so the buyers can see just how well suited for their environment these products are. They’ll buy your rental and accessory products because they understand the benefits to their business. Of course the reps play a huge part in your company’s success. Keep after the ski area shop buyers. Get the sale.

Participate in the Rental Hardgoods Test Program

Our rental gear test program is a way for our buyers to know that your equipment will hold up in their environment. Send several lengths of both kids and adult products to our test center as early in the season as possible. Even if you don’t yet have next year’s offerings - send what you can (send this year’s, if nothing else) since they want to see the general quality of your equipment.  If we find that some of your gear is experiencing problems, we’ll let you know and help you with the issue. The we’ll tell our members how responsive you are to these kinds of concerns.

We’ll see you at SIA

At the SIA Show we’ll spend some time together to make sure that the program works for you and your reps.

Send SARA-BP Your Program Offers By February 15

Your rental and accessory offers for ski area shops need to reach us by February 15, so we can post this information for our members.

We encourage all SARA Program members to place their orders with your representatives prior to April 15. (If you must have any other order date, or specific offer conditions, please make it very clear on your offers).

Please include the SARA ProgramRegional Growth participation fee in your group equipment prices. The fee goes to the participating Associations to help us grow our winter sports - and your sales!

E-mail this information to

•               Buyer’s information letter – why buy your rental/accessory products.

•               Reps list with contact information

•               Rental and Accessory Product catalog/sell sheets/information

•               Special SARA-BP pricing and offers for our buyers – with terms and conditions

Reps Are Important To Our Member Ski Area Shop Buyers

The Ski Area Rentals and Accessories Buying Program relies on your reps to take orders, provide staff technical training and help us in so many ways.

We need your reps –so we place our orders through them and continue to work with them all year long. Be sure to give us your reps lists for the regions covered by our members (see member/buyers list) and let them know that we want to work with them—but now that you have established the Program Pricing there is no need to negotiate the price—just work to develop the relationship and then take the orders and provide the services we need.

And...thanks to all the reps we work with. We want to support your efforts and grow the ski area rental and accessory business.

What are the Specific Arrangements for Working Together?

We need to agree to work together, so we have created a contract for you to sign on behalf of your company. It spells out the basics of our arrangements. Your company will be asked to pay a participation fee.. The monies go to pay the costs of running the program - and any additional fees collected go the partner associations to use in their grow-the-sports programs. A copy of the agreement is available from the SARA-BP office.